Our Story

Riverwood By Montello Design

Our story starts twenty years ago when our founder, Ioan Ducuic, was introduced to the field of chemistry in his 7th grade science class. While he immediately fell in love with the craft it wasn't until over a decade later that he found where his love of chemistry and business could meet.

Ioan moved to the United States twenty years ago and shortly thereafter started a hardwood installation company that specialized in high-end residential installation.  It was during these early years he realized how his love of chemistry allowed him to create really unique colors for clients. As he worked tirelessly to fine-tune these reactive stain formulas for his clients, the word got out and the demand for it grew.

Due to the consistent, high demand for his custom floors, Ioan founded Montello Design, our sister company, to focus on beautiful, single batch, hand-finished designer floors. And now, for over 15 years, we've been developing custom colors for top designers and architects along the west coast. 

But with this very specific production process and the price it demanded, it wasn't a good fit for mass production. And this is why Riverwood was born...

From the start, our goal at Riverwood has been to take flooring colors inspired by the best designers and get them to a price point almost anyone can afford. We've taken what we've learned over the last 15 years of doing custom projects, tweaked our formulas, and done just that. 

Explore our collections and find the perfect floor for your project.